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How Chiropractic Can Help Text Neck and Prevent the Onset of Digital Dementia

Written By Russo Chiropractic on October 24, 2019

Man with text neckText neck is a relatively new name for an age-old problem. When a muscle group stays in one position for far too long, the muscles begin to grow weak, sore and inflamed. With the onset of nonstop smartphone usage in the U.S., adults and children alike are at risk of not only text neck (also referred to as “tech neck”) but also the even more troubling phenomenon digital dementia condition.

Postural Tips for Neck Pain

Correct posture is the cornerstone of correcting text neck. To avoid pains in the neck at work, be sure to:

  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor
  • If you have back pain put your feet on a box or a phone book so that your knees are higher than  your hips while sitting 
  • Avoid leaning forward 
  • Position your monitor and or adjust your chair so that your monitor is at horizontal eye level 

When it comes to using a smartphone or tablet, the same advice holds true. The natural tendency is to hunch over the phone in a seated or standing position. The better plan is to always keep the phone screen at eye level and never spend too many minutes with your head drooped too low. When using a smartphone or computer, always be mindful of your posture to avoid further tech-related pain in the shoulders and back. 

What is Digital Dementia? 

The true impact of non-stop tech use will likely remain unknown for generations to come. At our office, we regularly educate patients on the concept of digital dementia – which can actually take root during childhood. 

When neck and back muscles are held at an unnatural angle for too many years, a condition called “creep” begins to occur – which means muscles become chronically inflamed and sore. Children and adults who are glued to their screens may begin to experience vision impairment, followed by possible damage to the frontal lobe. This condition is being diligently researched and studied across the globe. 

For now, regular chiropractic care and adjustments (along with intentional reduction of screen time) are the best neck pain treatments to avoid the onset of text neck and possible long-term damage. 

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