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How to Treat Nausea and Dizziness with Chiropractic Care

Written By Russo Chiropractic on October 2, 2020

rsz headache5Whether you just stood up, got slightly car sick, or stepped off an amusement ride, feeling dizzy is a common symptom of life. For most of us, that feeling is temporary and subsides after a few minutes. However, for 40% of adults, dizziness and nauseous is a constant issue.

If you’re experiencing chronic dizziness and nausea, discover how neurological chiropractic can help you realize long-term relief and balance. 

What is Neurological Chiropractic?

Sometimes referred to as functional neurology, neurological chiropractic focuses on the connection between your symptoms, spine, and the rest of your body to help you overcome unsteadiness. Chiropractors who specialize in neurology focus on the nervous system and are trained to diagnose and treat neurological problems like brain injury, vertigo, developmental disorders, and more.

Chiropractic Treatment Options for Dizziness and Nausea

During your appointment, your Tallahassee chiropractor will examine your symptoms, lifestyle, and health history to develop a personalized treatment plan. Neurological chiropractic doesn’t involve any sort of surgery or medication, so you can naturally regain optimal health.

Depending on the severity of your dizziness and nausea, your chiropractor may recommend:

Spinal Manipulation

When your neck joints aren’t functioning properly, misinformation about your body’s position and movement is sent to your brain from your nervous system. Spinal adjustments are forced manipulations that realign your neck and spine, thus improving the communication for your brain and the functionality of your nervous system.

Repositioning Procedures

If your dizziness and nausea stem from the inner ear, your chiropractor may perform various procedures that reposition the debris in your ear. These exercises include Canalith Repositioning, Epley Maneuver, and Brandt-Daroff technique, all of which focus on different head positions to find you relief.

Your chiropractor may also recommend lifestyle changes, like diet, exercise, and sleep, to treat your dizziness and nausea symptoms. 

Tallahassee Treatment for Your Dizziness and Nausea 

You don’t have to live with constant dizziness and numbness. At Russo Chiropractic, Dr. Fred Russo, CCSP is experienced in neurological chiropractic care and will develop a custom treatment plan based on your medical history and needs.

Say goodbye dizziness! Schedule an appointment with Russo Chiropractic today.

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