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The Huge Benefits of Pre- AND Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Written By Russo Chiropractic on August 2, 2021

Pre Rehab and Post RehabIt’s easy to think you should wait until after knee or hip surgery to start doing anything to help strengthen these joints. Doctors strongly recommend post-surgical rehabilitation as part of recovery. What’s not so widely known or recommended is pre-surgical rehabilitation, something just as important. 

At Russo Chiropractic in Tallahassee, we guide surgery patients through both forms of rehabilitation for various surgeries, including knee and hip replacements. There are great health and recovery benefits to both 

The Benefits of Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Often called “pre-habilitation”, it serves the purpose of preparing you both mentally and physically for an intense surgery. 

Pre-hab is reported to help you feel less anxious about going under the knife, helping instill confidence in a successful surgery and recovery.

Physically, pre-hab conditions your body to remember how to move, promoting a faster recovery. Even just a few physical therapy sessions can have a positive impact on recovery time. 

The biggest impact pre-hab has is reducing your risk of complications or a lackluster recovery. Since the affected part of your body is in a weakened state prior to surgery, it’s going to be weaker still after you’ve been sutured back up. Pre-hab is meant to strengthen you up safely. And that bit of exercise comes with the added benefit of an immune system boost, offering extra protection from the possibility of infection. 

The Benefits of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

In order to heal, you need your body to get adequate blood flow to a surgery site. Post-surgical rehab is designed to improve circulation, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of blood clots.

While not moving seems like a great way to leave your body alone to heal, studies show that getting moving as soon as possible is actually better. Appropriate physical therapy methods can help reduce pain and swelling, along with the need for opioids to cope with the pain.

Post-surgery rehabilitation also strengthens you back up. Hips and knees bear a lot of weight. The sooner you have strong muscle to support these joints, the better your health, and the greater your chances of seeing and feeling great results.

Get In Optimal Shape for Surgery in Tallahassee

Dr. Fred Russo, CCSP, has practiced chiropractic care for over 26 years and also holds a degree in functional neurology. He’s been an athlete--both competitive and recreational--for decades. He understands both the physical and emotional strain of injuries firsthand, and wants to get you back on your feet as soon as safely possible. The best way is to tap into the body’s natural and incredible ability to heal itself.

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